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Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffwissenschaften (Biomaterialien)
Anschrift: Cauerstraße 6, 91058 Erlangen
Tel.:09131 85-28600

AG Biomaterials / Tissue engineering
The research activities of the AG Biomaterials / Tissue Engineering research group led by Prof. Boccaccini are carried out in a multidisciplinary environment in collaboration with the UK based group at the Department of Materials and the UK Structural Ceramics Centre at Imperial College London. The research activities are in the broad area of glasses, ceramics and polymer/glass composites for biomedical, functional, and/or structural applications. Our group has developed extensive research activities in the area of scaffold materials for tissue engineering applications and has pioneered the development of novel highly porous bioactive and degradable composite scaffolds with nanostructured surface topography. The addition of a bioactive component, for example tailored compositions of bioactive glasses, is seen as a significant improvement towards clinical applications (third-generation biomaterials) due to the possibility of tuning the degradation rate, mechanical properties and biological response of the scaffold. Further investigations are related to the development of novel biopolymer composites for applicatoins in cardiac regeneration, e.g. as a biodegradable, mechanically compatible "patch". Our group carries out also extensive research on novel processing methods for nano-biomaterials, including the adaption of the traditional electrophoretic deposition technique for production of nanostructured materials and composites, including carbon nanotube containing composites, with focus on nanostructured bioactive surfaces for tissue engineering and orthopaedic coatings. Further investigations are related to the biocompatibility of novel sustainable materials made from recycled waste (e.g. fly ash and residues from waste incinerators) as well as investigating the application of transparent glass composites in biomedical applications.

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For complete information about our Institute please visit: http://www.biomat.techfak.uni-erlangen.de/ and http://www.em.techfak.uni-erlangen.de/


For complete information about our Institute please visit: http://www.biomat.techfak.uni-erlangen.de/ and http://www.em.techfak.uni-erlangen.de/

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Aldo R. Boccaccini

Eyerusalem Adefrs, M. Sc.
Dr. Arturo E. Aguilar
Lulseged Belay Addis, M. Sc.
Bernhard Friedrich, B. Sc.
Jennifer Hermann Muñoz, M. Sc.
Lisa Kiesewetter, M. Sc.
Marfa Carolina Molano Camargo, M. Sc.
Usanee Pantulap, M. Sc.
Rocío Tejido Rastrilla, M. Sc.
Dr.-Ing. Irem Ünalan, M. Sc.
Huijun Zhang, M. Sc.
Dr. Hui Zhu

Nichtwiss. Personal
Anette Goebel
Alina Grünewald
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Heinz Mahler

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